Etching and plating


brass, bronze, copper up to 0.3 mm.

We carry out through and surface etching of brass, bronze, copper, thickness up to 0,3 mm


nickel, gold, chemical tin

We carry out finish plating of printed circuit boards, small parts with nickel, gold - ENIG, chemical tin. Nickel, gold or chemical tin plating of small parts.

Step - 01
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Best option: GERBER PS 274(X), EXCELLON

Possible options:

  • CAM 350 V 8.0.6 - *.cam
  • P-CAD2000-2002, ACCEL – *.pcb
  • PCAD-4.5, PCAD-8.5 – *.pcb
  • description of pins used, hole diameters, size of contact pads (*.ssf), layers used and exact dimensions of the board (mm).


  • Printed circuit board orders can be new and repeat orders
  • A new order includes a fully completed order form and board topology files. Re-order - e-mail or fax with the name of the job, number of boards and the desired deadline, in case there are no any changes
  • File names can be no more than 8 characters using Latin letters and numbers
  • It is desirable to place the board name on the board field
Step - 02
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The cost of an order consists of 2 parts:

  • production preparation
  • board manufacturing cost

The cost of the order is influenced by:

  • Urgency and order volume
  • Board parameters: area, number of holes, material grade
  • Additional board processing: mask, marking, coating, mechanical processing
  • Type of information provided, necessity of project correction

Cost of tracing by agreement

Preparation of production is included in the invoice at the initial order

Step - 03
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Standard term: till 15 working days (by agreement - from 3 days)

Step - 04


DPD and DHL Latvija or self-delivery

Production of printed circuit boards from Europe!

High quality printed circuit boards at reasonable prices.